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Create new Pipedrive deals in Outlook with SaySync

Learn how to create new Pipedrive deals directly in Outlook using SaySync. Select the right contact and specify the title, value, and stage for the new deal.

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Create new deals


SaySync makes it easy for you to create new Pipedrive deals directly within Outlook. After setting up a new deal, you can select it to view all the important information at a glance and adjust the stage and status of the Pipedrive deal.

To create a new Pipedrive deal, you must first select a contact. Create the contact first or search for the appropriate contact for whom you want to create the deal. In the "Deals" section, you can then click the "Create new deal" button. This will open the form to set up a new Pipedrive deal.

Screenshot of the deal section

Create a New Deal

To set up a new deal, you first need to specify a title for the deal. Then enter the value of the deal and select the appropriate currency. Finally, you must select the correct pipeline (if your company works with multiple pipelines) and choose the stage in which the deal is located. To create the deal, click the "Create" button at the bottom of the form.

Screenshot of the form for a new deal

Once the deal has been created in the Pipedrive system, you can see all important information directly and continuously change the status (won, lost, deleted) and the stage of the deal.

Screenshot of a selected deal

Important: SaySync doesn't store any data about your deals. When you create a deal, all data is directly transmitted to Pipedrive.

Closing Notes

I hope this tutorial has given you a better understanding of how to create new Pipedrive deals directly in Outlook using SaySync. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the contact form in your SaySync Dashboard. Cheers!