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Search for Pipedrive contacts in Outlook with SaySync

Learn how to quickly and easily find the Pipedrive contact linked to the email you just opened. Also, discover how to find other Pipedrive contacts by their name, email, or phone number directly in Outlook.

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Search for contacts


SaySync helps you find Pipedrive contacts quickly and easily directly in Outlook. Once you've selected a contact, you can instantly see all the important information linked to that contact, such as the organization, deals, activities, and notes.

1. Automatic Search

When you open an email in Outlook and have the SaySync Outlook add-in running simultaneously, your Pipedrive CRM will automatically search for the relevant email contact. SaySync uses the name and email address from the email you're viewing to provide a list of contacts matching the name or email address exactly.

Screenshot of the automatic SaySync search

2. Manual Search

However, you can also search for contacts independently of the opened email. To do this, return to the contact overview (shown when opening an email after selecting a contact). You can input your own values in the name, email address, and phone number fields. The search will automatically look for existing Pipedrive contacts in Outlook based on your input. The search results will include contacts that don't need to match the input exactly.

Example: If "John D" is entered for the name, a contact named "John Doe" will be displayed.

You'll see all the contacts that roughly match your input for name, email address, or phone number.

Screenshot of the manual SaySync search

Important: SaySync doesn't store any data about your contacts.

Closing Notes

I hope this tutorial has clarified how to search for Pipedrive contacts directly in Outlook with SaySync. For questions or suggestions, feel free to use the contact form in your SaySync Dashboard. Cheers!