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Create new Pipedrive contacts in Outlook with SaySync

Learn how to create new Pipedrive contacts directly in Outlook using SaySync. Simply enter the new contact's details and assign them to either a new or existing Pipedrive organization.

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Create new contacts


SaySync makes it easy to quickly create new Pipedrive contacts directly in Outlook. After creating a new Pipedrive contact, you can easily find them when opening an email, and effortlessly assign new deals, activities, and notes to them.

1. Enter New Contact Information

To create a new Pipedrive contact, go to the contact overview (the view displayed when you open an email). There, you can fill in the fields for the name, email address, and phone number. The name and email fields are automatically populated with data from the currently open email, but you can edit these as needed.

Screenshot of entering contact information for new contact

2. Assign the Contact to a New or Existing Organization

In the organization field, you can enter the contact's organization's name, and SaySync will search for existing organizations with that name.

If you want to assign the new Pipedrive contact to an existing organization, select it directly from Outlook's loaded list.

Screenshot of loading existing Pipedrive organizationScreenshot of assigning contact to existing Pipedrive organization

If no organization is selected, possibly because it doesn't exist in your Pipedrive CRM yet, SaySync will create a new one with the specified name. In this case, you'll see the green "NEW" label in the organization field.

Screenshot of creating a new Pipedrive organization

Important: SaySync doesn't store any data about your contacts. When you create a contact, all data is directly transmitted to Pipedrive.

Closing Notes

I hope this tutorial has given you a better understanding of how to create new Pipedrive contacts directly in Outlook using SaySync. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the contact form in your SaySync Dashboard. Cheers!