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Check Out the New Pipedrive Chrome Extension From SaySync

With the new Pipedrive Chrome extension, SaySync not only allows you to manage your Pipedrive CRM directly in Outlook, but now also in Gmail, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Try SaySync for 7 days for free without providing any payment information.

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New Pipedrive Chrome extension from SaySync

What should you look for in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions? Many sales managers want a pipeline-style tool that provides various workflows so that team members can develop habits conducive to making them better salespersons. Other managers are more interested in workflow automation that can give sales teams more time to focus on advancing prospects to the closing stage. These functions are part of efficient data management, which is what Pipedrive CRM constantly delivers through integrations and extensions.

Let's say you manage a B2B sales team that gets good results from mining LinkedIn for leads and prospects. If you are already using Pipedrive, your team members will have to switch from LinkedIn to the CRM app when they need to create contacts, enter notes, and place new prospects into the right pipelines. Now let's say your team members set up reminders to revisit LinkedIn profiles and see if there's any new information they can work with to advance prospects in the pipeline; in this case, wouldn't you want to bring the Pipedrive CRM right into LinkedIn?

With the SaySync Google Chrome extension, you can get seamless Pipedrive integration for LinkedIn. Instead of copying, pasting, editing, and alt-tabbing between Pipedrive and Chrome, your sales specialists get a side panel with CRM functions right on the LinkedIn pages they are browsing. The sidebar is where the magic happens; this is where your team members can do everything from quickly adding new contacts to pulling them up if they are already in your Pipedrive CRM. All the same, the sidebar can also be used to enter notes, set up deals, and schedule activities. This is part of efficient data management, and it is important to understand why this makes or breaks a CRM solution.

Modern Data Management for CRM Success

Efficient data management has always been at the heart of CRM systems. In the mid-90s, installing and deploying a CRM system involved considerable data entry, a tedious and time-consuming manual process prone to errors. Data import features were not introduced until the early 2000s by major CRM players such as Siebel, and they became a key selling point for these enterprise solutions.

Even though the data import features introduced by Siebel were somewhat rudimentary and wonky, sales managers appreciated not having to deal with data entry. That was the first move in earnest towards improving data management; these days, you have advanced options such as the SaySync Chrome extension for Pipedrive. This extension improves CRM functionality by bringing it to the platforms where sales specialists communicate with leads, prospects, and clients. To this effect, the first SaySync Pipedrive product is an add-in that provides seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook.

In essence, the SaySync extension for Chrome is similar to the game-changing CRM leap from data entry to data import a few decades ago, but with a significant twist. Whereas data import functions mostly assume that you are in full control of the information that will populate your CRM, integrations such as SaySync for Outlook and the new Chrome browser extension for Gmail, LinkedIn, Telegram, and WhatsApp provide smart data management by synchronizing dynamic third-party data hosted on browser-based web apps.

Working With the SaySync Chrome Extension for Pipedrive

Think about all the digital spaces where members of your sales team work. Their deals can be in the pipeline along with all the elements of the business relationship, but communications can be unfolding elsewhere. In our previous example of a salesperson cultivating leads from LinkedIn, communications can stay within the social network if such is the preference of prospects and clients. If your team members are dealing with clients who only communicate through LinkedIn direct messages and InMail, you can advance them to the closing stage with the SaySync Pipeline integration for LinkedIn.

Naturally, you can't expect that all clients will just stick with LinkedIn messaging. In the case of B2B prospects and clients, there's a strong chance that they will switch to business email after engaging on LinkedIn; this is good news because you have the SaySync Pipedrive add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which you likely already use at the office. What happens if your CRM contacts subscribe to Google Workspace and all they use is Gmail? Some prospects may want to communicate through messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

You already know that your team members have the skills necessary to get deals to closing through email, direct messages, or even group chat. They can warm up leads on LinkedIn, move the sales conversation to Outlook, switch to Gmail, and keep the deal alive through Telegram and WhatsApp conversations. What your sales specialists need is a solution that brings Pipedrive into various communications channels instead of having to ferry data from multiple web apps into the CRM system.

With the SaySync extension for Chrome, you get instant Pipedrive integration for Gmail, LinkedIn, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Once installed, the extension gives you a handy Pipedrive CRM side panel that pops up within the browser. Say goodbye to setting up dual monitors or going back and forth from smartphone apps to laptops and desktops for data entry. Your team members can now hunt for leads on LinkedIn and launch the SaySync Chrome extension for Pipedrive to add new contacts automatically. If the contacts provide Telegram accounts or WhatsApp phone numbers, they can be added to their contact information so that the extension will recognize them later.

The SaySync extension can also automatically recognize who you're communicating with on various platforms. Open an email in Gmail, a DM on LinkedIn, a WhatsApp conversation, or a Telegram chat, and SaySync will instantly pull up the corresponding record from Pipedrive. This function eliminates the need to manually search for contacts, thus saving your sales team valuable time while also streamlining your workflow.

SaySync Chrome Extension Scenarios for Effective CRM

The Pipedrive integration for Telegram and WhatsApp takes into account modern ways of doing business. If your salespersons work with clients and prospects in the LATAM region, they will appreciate the Pipedrive integration for WhatsApp because a lot of business is done through this messaging network. WhatsApp is what BlackBerry Messenger used to be in LATAM more than a decade ago; it is not unusual to conduct sales and many other business transactions on this messaging network, and many professionals make it their primary means of communication.

Although WhatsApp is more popular than Telegram in the Eurozone, the latter messaging network is often used for business. Many professionals in the region have both apps installed on their smartphones, but the use of Telegram for business communications is a trend that has been rising in recent years.

With the SaySync Chrome extension, your Telegram and WhatsApp chats can be incorporated into the Pipedrive CRM records of your contacts. The process is seamless and highly intuitive; as long as the extension has been installed and enabled, the extension will detect when there's an active chat and pull up the corresponding record automatically. In other words, the extension brings the Pipedrive CRM action to any website you are browsing on Chrome, so you can also launch the SaySync panel on sites other than Gmail, LinkedIn, and the web versions of Telegram and WhatsApp. You won't get the full SaySync integration on other websites, but you can still add new deals, set up activities, and create notes without leaving the page.

The benefit of data accuracy that the SaySync extension provides is highly valuable. No managers want to learn about deals falling apart or prospects being lost because their salespersons are fumbling with their smartphones while doing manual data entry that often results in errors. Productive sales specialists can save more than 10 minutes per day with SaySync; when you add up all the time saved and the accuracy gained, it makes perfect sense to install the extension and encourage doing business on Gmail, LinkedIn, Outlook, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Don't wait - upgrade your sales process today with the SaySync Outlook Add-in.